Test & Balance Services


Payson Sheet Metal has over 40 years of experience in air and water balance and overall system setup. We are a TABB Certified Contractor with 3 TABB Certified Supervisors, and 4 TABB Certified Technicians. We also have over 30 years experience in tag and identification and operation and maintenance manual fabrication. Systems that we have balanced and setup include: general building heating and cooling systems, general exhaust, kitchen exhaust, lab spaces, hospital operating rooms, and clean rooms.

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Air Balance

Air balance is the process of setting manual air dampers so that each space in your building will have the correct amount of air flow for maximum comfort.

Water Balance

Water balance is the process of setting manual water balancing valves to their proper flow so that all systems will get the amount of water they need to provide proper heating and/or cooling.

Energy Management

Since 1975 we have been involved in helping building owners evaluate their mechanical systems for comfort and energy efficiency. We have helped many building owners cut energy costs while more importantly being able to improve the comfort level for the patrons of their building.

Tagging and Identification of HVAC Equipment and Piping

Tagging and Identification is the process of labeling pipes and ducts and tagging valves. In a building with various ducts and pipes going through multiple spaces, it can be easier to identify pipes if they are marked and if the valves are tagged.

Operation & Maintenance Manual Fabrication

Operation & Maintenance Manuals are compiled and put together for building owners and maintenance personnel to make it easier for them to maintain their equipment.

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